Pure Prevention and Allergic Girl

I was invited to be part of an expert blogger panel podcast about breast cancer prevention sponsored by Luna Bar in conjunction with the Breast cancer Fund. They’ve created this fantastic site: Pure Prevention.

It was a fascinating and eye-opening call. You can listen to the call HERE. Some of the issues covered:

--What role does soy play in breast cancer?

--What are some the issues that may be flying under the radar regarding some potential causes of breast cancer?

--The Luna Bar/Pure Prevention campaign-what is it?

--For the babyboomers/menopause, how does the 50-pluser deal?

--What mini steps can we make immediately?

--Is there a dietary impact versus genetic impact on the incidence of breast cancer?

--Why is there a higher incidence of reproductive lumps and tumors in young women in this generation?

--What can we do about inflammatory breast cancer?

--How do we combat big biz and their stranglehold on manufacturing etc.?

My take away from the call [which again you can listen to HERE]: get rid of the plastics in my home [including using water bottles], and stop eating ANYTHING that’s been sprayed with pesticides. Immediately.

My question now is what do I do with all of the plastic stuff I have and the non-organic foods and dry goods? Throwing them away is simply wasteful but shouldn’t I start helping myself right now? Any ideas?

Regardless, please check out the Pure Prevention site and their prevention guide.


That's really scary about the plastic. I just heard about that the other day.
Anonymous said…
How do you get into all of these things???

Thank you for the info, that is actually a pretty cool site. I had not heard about the plastic, I will have to learn more, as I have even been re-using water bottles, which I know is the worst. Of course, some sort of water bottle needs to be used, so I will have to find out what can be used!

Personally, I have been rotating foods out. I would label wherever possible which are non-organic that need to be rotated out. If you have lived all of this time on the non-organics, a few more weeks of consumption while bringing new organic foods in will still be making an immediate change. My 2 cents anyways.
Allergic Girl® said…
im between 60% organic: cleaning materials, produce, food, dry goods. but there's always rooms for more improvement and i havent been as disciplined about it as i could/should have....

and as for the plastic they said metal water bottles.

something to consider for sure.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this helpful alert...

Not only Plastics, but also other chemicals, from which the person can be triggered like exposure to high levels of ozone, car exhaust, wood smoke and sulphur dioxide.

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