NYT: 12 Year-Old Food Critic

I love this kid.

12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic, and the Chef Loves It
By Susan Dominus. "An adventurous young foodie investigates a new Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side."

Can you imagine your food allergic kid being this self-sufficient? Go on, imagine it because it can happen with your help and guidance.

UPDATE: I love this kids but jeez c'mon, buying his whole life movie rights?


Unknown said…
Thanks for pointing out this article! I enjoyed it.

As for my food allergic kid being that self-sufficient, can I imagine it? You bet I can! :) I'll never forget how he asked (as I purchased a gift certificate) at the hostess/host station at Coriander if they served "people with peanut allergies". Doesn't miss a beat! (BTW, next time you are in Boston, Coriander is worth a visit, just 19 miles out of the city.)
Allergic Girl® said…
corriander, check.

and yay for your little guy!
zebe912 said…
I've had a few allergic kids as campers and students, and it is amazing what they learn and how they can navigate the world. At the same, it makes me a little sad sometimes, that they've had to grow up & become so attentive so young. It would be nice if we didn't have all these allergies popping up so kids could just do kid things and not worry about whether the kid they're playing with had peanut butter for lunch.
Poker Chick said…
I think it's really important for kids to learn to manage their allergies on their own, this story is amazing. My 3 year old already knows to ask friends for cupcakes that have "no nuts, no peanuts, no egg, and no sesame".

The 3 year old knows to say both peanut and tree nuts?

Amazing. If you have faith, they can take more responsibility than we think!

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