Bionaturae Responds

I tried Bionaturae pasta once, at Otto Entotecca, a few mother's days ago.

The package clearly lists soy flour as one of several ingredients. I was still working through my elimination diet and I just didn't think soy was a major culprit. [And after seventeen years as a vegetarian, now I soy intolerant? It just didn't compute to me]. So not believing soy would bother me, I tried the Bionaturae pasta dish that Otto made for me. And that night and the next day, my tummy told me soy flour is not good for this Allergic Girl.

The internet being what it is, the owner of Bionaturae, in Italy, heard about that I was made ill by her product and wrote to let me know their side.

With her permission, I'm sharing her email with you.


Dear Allergic Girl,

My name is Carla and I am the owner of bionaturae. Someone at our company happened to read your blog about eating our gluten free pasta at Otto and getting ill. I was very disappointed to read about this experience and would like to respond on behalf of our company.

Our gluten free pasta is made in a dedicated gluten free facility in Italy and we are the largest manufacturer of gluten free pasta in Italy. Bionaturae has been the number one brand of organic pasta sold in the US for many years. We began making gluten free pasta in 1972, one hundred years after our facility first started making wheat pasta. We began selling our gluten free pasta in the US in 2002 and have sold many millions of bags of pasta since then. Our gluten free pasta is tested during every production cycle, using the Elisa testing method at a level inferior to 20ppm. Our dedicated gluten free facility is also egg free.

I personally respond to all consumer e-mails (although the consumer does not know this) because it is important for me to be in touch with the people who are eating our foods on a daily basis. I have honestly only had one mother say her daughter reacted to our pasta on two separate occasions. Your complaint is just the second one received in six years.

I wanted to let you know that I myself have allergies, as well as my daughter. It is extremely difficult for us to eat out as a family. I personally sympathize with you and other people who have food allergies. Offering a gluten free product to consumers is a very serious responsibility and I assure you that our company is producing bionaturae gluten free pasta in a very secure manufacturing process.

Please let me know if I can be of more assistance.

Best regards,

Carla Bartolucci


Unknown said…
I was severe Glteun Allergic. After over a year of 100% gluten free - including all dairy, soy, mustard, barley, wheat, etc...... My stomach has healed and now I am able to have soy and dairy with no problem. I had the pasta tonight and it was so tasty I googled it. I hope I do dnot have anyproblems with it. Pehaps it was something in the sauce that gave this person the problem???? I hope I feel this great in the morning so I will now have a true pasta to eat that is fabulous!!!! I still have sensitivities to mustard and slight problems to soy - but sense I have healed - I can tolerate soy in small doses. I have to be sure my boiled water and calender is not contaminated by the families "real" pasta - so I have to prepare mine first - and of course it is cold by the time the other's is ready - but this pasta was so great - I feel I can just serve it to the whole family!!!! They really will not be able to tell once sauce is on it!!! Thank you Bionaturae!

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