American Girl Place, New York

I've heard good things about American Girl Place here in New York City and how they handle food allergies for children. This recent from the frontlines report is from an Allergic Girl reader who wanted to share how they have handled her requests PRE-visit:

The American Girl store has been amazing with food allergies.

When I called their general hotline to make a reservation they asked me if I had any food concerns. I told them that my daughters both had food allergies [tree-nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds]. They assured me that they take food allergies very seriously and that they were a nut free facility. One daughter does have a sesame seed allergy so I had additional questions about that. I also wanted to know that even though they were a nut free facility, was there a risk of cross contamination with say the chicken fingers or the desserts.

The person that made our appointment left a message for a manager at the American Girl store in NYC and he called me back. He told me that they make all their desserts there and that they were not cross-contaminated. The only food that my girls would not be able to eat would be the bread and only because he cannot be certain about cross contamination. He sent me the menu, was extremely accommodating, and made me feel so comfortable. He said the only thing I will have to worry about is having a good time with my girls and not that they will be eating safe food or not. I cannot wait to go!

Thank you reader! I like where this is headed. For any of you planning on a trip to NYC for the holidays with your precious ones and want to dine at American Girl Place, here is the manager’s info:

Kevin Moore
Café Lead

And def. let us know how it goes!

American Girl Place
609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street
New York, NY 10017

READER UPDATE: I spoke with the reader post-lunch who said their lunch was: "Very organized. Really informed staffed. And a ton a food and very cutely done for children".


Gab said…
We went to the American Girl Cafe at the Grove in LA this spring and had a great experience as well (

We'd definitely go back again!
Jenny said…
We've taken my nut-allergic 8-year-old to the AG Place in Chicago many times.

They are very accomodating and she has eaten all of their baked goods safely. It means so much to her (and to us) you cannot believe how moving it is.

We love American Girl Cafe and appreciate their concern for all children.

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