Benjamint Crunch by Divvies

I'm not usually this emotional about candy, especially chocolate. In fact I'm not even a chocolate person (I know, gasp, shock!) probably because when I was little chocolate bars gave me hives. No, I don’t have a chocolate allergy (those are in fact extremely rare) but all the chocolate was contaminated. (Remember, I was noshing on Twix and M&Ms twenty years before FALCPA). So, as of late, I’m discovering this whole new side to myself with the allergen-friendly chocolate that is entering the market this year and that is delicious and hive-free.

For example, when I got home after dining at Candle Café last week, (one of my safe spots where you can find me bi-weekly or so) I really wanted something sweet. Wasn’t I lucky to have this package of Divvies samples waiting for me? I tore through the box and tore through the candy. Here’s a picture of how the Divvies box exploded on to my dining table:

I rarely “tear through” to get a candy bar. Remember I’m not really a chocolate person. So why could I this time? Because it was all Allergic Girl safe! How exciting was that? Safety is the first feature I look for in a new product and then taste is the second.

The taste of these two new chocolate products by Divvies rocked my Allergic Girl non-chocolate eating world. Seriously, I’m in love with this new chocolate bar: Divvies Benjamint Crunch. Here are the ingredients FIY. "Made with: Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithin (Added as an Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract, Salt) Mint Candy (Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Natural Peppermint Oil, Natural Red Cabbage Color)."

And my thoughts? Great chocolate mouthfeel, crunchy with Divvies -made peppermint candy bits, dark chocolate flavor but not too dark. I had to stop myself from gobbling the whole thing in one swoop.

Here is a picture of the adorable way they pre-divided the candy bar--into sections called “Mine” and “Yours”. Adorable.

Of course as I was eating I reminded myself that the “mine” section can also stand for whose waistline too much candy will end up landing i.e. moi-meme. So I only had a few bites (ok. I had half the bar) but at 150 calories per serving it’s totally doable for a treat. Also as it’s dark chocolate I bet it would melt well to be incorporated into all kinds of desserts or mint chocolate delights.

I have found my new after dinner treat and travel dessert option. Thank you Divvies for hitting it out of the park, again!


WorkingGirl said…
I read in your profile that you avoid soy, but soy is listed in the contents of this candy...
Allergic Girl® said…
true; however, soy lethicin doesn't seem to bother my stomach.

soy flour seems to be the major issue these days.

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