Massachusetts Passes Food Allergy legislation

“No chef is too busy to talk to you about a child’s life.”—Ming Tsai, People Magazine


Food allergy advocate and Executive chef, Ming Tsai is featured in this week’s People Magazine. Why? Because he helped push legislation in Massachusetts that by 2011 will help facilitate food allergic diners’ continued safety.

Rock on, Ming Tsai!

This paves the way for other states including my dear New York. It’s happening. It’s great. Keep on advocating everyone.

More details:
--FAAN announces what other states are doing.
--The Mass Bill.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the heads-up on the People article--I'll have to check it out. Ming is wonderful!

It's exciting that we have this new law, and I am looking forward to seeing how it changes things. I am especially eager to find out what the guidelines will be for designating a restaurant as "food allergy friendly" here in Massachusetts. As increasing numbers of restaurants develop "food allergy" menus, let's hope the staff is also getting more education on food allergies and how to avoid cross-contamination. Detailed menus with ingredient information are helpful in selecting meals, but we still depend on the staff to help protect our food allergic friends and family members from avoidable cross-contamination, as evidenced by our lunch out yesterday and the hives that followed! (thank goodness it was only hives.)
Jenny said…
Ming, you're my hero. What a great example he is to food people everywhere!
Poker Chick said…
Thanks for getting the word out on this! Amazing. Wish other chefs were as understanding.

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