Peanuts on Airlines

CNN reports: “The return of peanuts to the snack menu at Northwest Airlines this month has prompted a spasm of protests from travelers with allergies.”

What Northwest Airlines says.

What does FAAN have to say? Essentially, file a compliant.

Allergic Living's helpful airline chart.

A recent plane/nut experience from Elizabeth Landau of

And this Allergic Girl asks: what about those of us allergic to tree-nuts? These peanut bans do nothing for us. Just wondering.


Jenny said…
I think tree nuts should be banned from flights also--they are just as dangerous to those who are allergic to both.
Unknown said…
Let us not forget seeds! I think if they're going to provide a snack, something without peanuts, nuts and seeds would be cover a lot of the major airborne allergy worries.
SnoWhite said…
agreed. i've been so disappointed by the fact that tree-nuts are now sold on airlines in replacement of peanuts... :( why can't airlines go with sometime more safe than two or three of the biggest allergens!!! as a tree-nut allergic girl, flying is no fun.
Peanuts and tree nuts really shouldn't be served period. There are people out there (young children as well) that may have an allergy to it but not know it, such as the child that died on a flight after inhaling the peanut dust circulating around the cabin.
I have taken a few flights with my grand daughter who suffers with an extremely high peanut allergy, and I am terrified every time I take her on a flight.
Even if all peanuts and tree nuts were banned from further flights, how do you stop passengers from bringing them on the flight with them? It's so ingrained in our minds that flights=peanut snacks, much the same as movies=popcorn!
Anonymous said…
If everyone who suffers from a hyperallergy wondered out loud by commenting why airlines don't ban their particular allergen trigger, we would give airlines the idea that it is impossible to deal with allergies on planes.

We would... but it is not going to stop me from getting my allergens in here:

So, ...

I wonder when the airlines are going to ban fish and shellfish??!!!
Unknown said…
So, we want to ban peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, fish and shellfish on flights. Personally those powdered cheese curls cause me the most angst when traveling with my highly dairy allergic son.

I think we need to be clear with airlines about what we need. We need a way to alert them of passengers with food allergies in advance. We need to know they are not going to serve a food that someone on that particular flight is allergic to. Flight attendants should announce at the beginning of the flight that there are passengers aboard with (insert specific food) an allergy and that passengers should avoid eating that food during the flight. We should be able to pre-board to wipe down seats and make sure there isn't a left-over peanut butter cup in the corner of the seat.

As a group, we have power. Let's figure out what we want and clearly communicate that.

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