Grubstreet, Tips for Becoming a Regular

These tips from Ben Leventhal of New York Magazine’s Grubstreet work well with my Cheers Experience protocol.

As conventional wisdom goes, there are three golden rules that are fundamental to being a Regular.

1. Go to the restaurant a lot.
2. Don't be a pain in the ass: Show up on time, say please and thank-you, respect the house and its rules (such as dress code).
3. Always tip 20 percent on the total bill, and tip in cash.

Okay, so the rules are a bit obvious — nevertheless, they are indeed essential behaviors of a good Regular.

But, if you're really serious about your bid for the house's undying love and affection, there's more you can do to make it happen. Herewith, five other very important things you can do to become a very important person.

Read them all here: New York Magazine’s Grubstreet.

My last "regular experience" was two weeks ago when I went to Bonjoo for some late night Bimimbop, the owner took care of us personally, made sure everything was AG safe and yummy, comp’ed us some GF dessert and even and hugged me on the way out!

Go get that hug from your favorite resto (real or implied!).


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