M&Ms, Food Allergies

This short but pithy story comes from an Allergic Girl blog reader and a frequent Worry-Free Dinners attendee.

"Today we went on a hayride with A.'s new school friends, and before the ride we had a picnic. Of course, one of the moms brings M&Ms for her daughter's dessert...all of the little ones started sharing them, and they all offered A. some too. This is what A. says:

"No, thank you. I can't have M&Ms. I'm allergic. I can only have skippers" (Skippers are Vermont Nut Free Chocolates).

She said this numerous times, told me, and never took any.

It might be one of my proudest moments in recent mommy memory."

A is three [3] years old by the way. I'm so proud too! Great job A. and A.'s parents!


Diana said…
Awesome that a three-year-old "gets it" when so many of the adults I encounter don't!

This brings up a question: Since being diagnosed with a tree nut allergy, I have had to give up the chocolate place I used to frequent, and there just aren't many options in the middle of Kansas. Could anyone here recommend some places that ship quality chocolate? Sometimes I'm jonesing for chocolate!
Unknown said…
Great job A!

My son is 11 years old, with some special needs, and is just now starting now to say "I can't, I'm allergic" instead of just partaking.

We had a funny incident at Scouts last week when they had m&m's, with half the boys amazed that m&m's contained milk, and the other half amazed that the chocolate I brought (at the last minute mid-activity, because the leaders did not warn me) did not! They all thought it was "weird".

Incidentally, all kids seem to know about "lactose intolerant" from jokes on TV, I don't know if I should keep correcting them that it is an allergy, not lactose intolerance, or just let it go. DS can never remember if the answer to whether he is lactose intolerant is yes or no.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Mom!!! You have every right to be proud!!

It's so hard to have to tell our kids they can't have something--worse yet, that it could kill them.

But since he was 4, our son could proudly say what he was allergic to and refuse offers of food!
Little Fish said…

If you're looking for nut-free and don't need milk or egg free, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is probably your best bet. Currently my only issue with VNF is that the ratio of puffed rice to chocolate in their crispy choclates isn't high enough- needs more crunch!
Jenny said…
Skippers are a godsend. So is Vermont Nut-Free. I highly recommend their products. I find their treats delicious and my kids love them. They make lots of holiday-themed chocolates, too which is great for kids...really for anyone.

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