Cybele Pascal, Martha Stewart

Author of the Allergen-free Bakers Handbook, and sister allergic girl, Cybele Pascal, is on Martha Stewart’s TV show TODAY (March 1, 2010) baking coffee cake, free of the top eight allergens. Oh yes!

Martha airs at 11am NYC time, see here for your local listings. Cybele's segment is the last third of the show.

I was a guest at the taping two weeks ago. (Thanks again for the invite, Cybele). I brought Lissa, my new WFD special events director (more on that soon). We sat with Cybele’s agent Mitchell, having a giggle-fest and cheering. Woo hoo!

How thrilling that allergen-free baking is getting some traction. Thank you Martha for bringing food allergies to a national audience, to the Martha Stewart producer who made it happen and to Cybele for writing this book.

Here’s Martha after the taping answering three audience questions. What you can’t see are her stunning gray, four inch Louboutins. I'm not even a shoe girl and I was like, wow.

Have you checked out Cybele’s Allergen-free Bakers Handbook yet? I think this book handles substitutions in a super smart, uber-inclusive way.

Easter and Pesach (here's Gluten-Free NYC's Passover list - we miss you, David!) are around the corner - desserts free of the Top 8 are always in demand. Might be worth checking out.


Maria H said…
Congrats on the invite! I'd be giggling with excitement too :) Looking forward to the segment, Cybele has done so much for our family menus with her cookbook and now baking book.

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