Rosa Mexicano, NYC

My last experience with Rosa Mexicano was at least 15 years ago. I went to the then only outpost, in Midtown East, with a large group. I was a vegetarian (I was until 2005) and not only were they clueless about my food allergies but everything had ham including the beans. I had guac and that was it. It was sad.

Flash forward to now. Rosa Mexicano has two more restaurants in NYC, one near Lincoln center and one in the Flatiron District and a bunch nationally. Food allergies have exploded in the American population and the foodservice industry has taken notice. I also have become much more assertive about letting a restaurant know my needs ahead of time, regardless of whether it’s a social engagement, a date or a business meeting. So, this past President’s Day I had a work lunch meeting and we chose Rosa Mexicano.

A food allergy coaching client had emailed me they now had a gluten-free menu (which you can read here) and I considered: maybe things have changed, maybe I should give it another try.

We food allergic girls and guys have long memories when it comes to restaurants that did not handle our requests well or makes any kind of mistake, from being rude to serving us a deadly dish (that hopefully we did not eat). We are equally as fiercely loyal when are restaurant embraces us and our FA or food intolerant needs, is warm, inviting and does a great job serving us delicious allergen-friendly food. Living in NYC, a city that boasts over 25,000 eating establishments, I literally never have to return to a resto that doesn’t get it. But as I said, so much has happened in the food allergy world in the last decade plus that I gave it a shot.

I made a reservation through (seriously, I need to buy stock in this company, it works like a charm for special requests, use it!) and when I arrived the manager Kristi was at the host’s station all ready for me and all smiles. The server approached our table and she too had been fully informed of my needs, as had the executive chef who oversaw my meal and the runner who put it in front of me saying, “No nuts, fish and gluten-free.” The server and I went over my options and menu, I picked a veggie enchilada, which was totally delish and Allergic Girl friendly. The manager came by to check on our meal, everything was great, handled very professionally and allergen-friendly.

I’m glad I gave Rosa Mexicano another look. In fact, I’m ready to take another.

Rosa Mexicano
Various locations
GF menu for lunch


Erin Swing said…
Hearing this type of resto experience makes me feel warm & fuzzy. I heart Rosa Mexicano. Bring on the guacamole! Now I really miss NYC after reading your post.
sallybranwyn said…
Interesting. I went to the Rosa Mexicano in D.C. and they were fairly clueless. We decided I could eat the guac with corn tortillas (I'm just GF, none of your additional allergies), but it wasn't consumed without a whole lotta stress, I can tell you. They just didn't get it. Hopefully they've all gotten their training under control (this was in May 2009)

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