Sploshing, Food Allergies

From the Daily Mail:

"When Leanne Michael and Chris Noon decided to spice up their sex life they turned to TV show Secret Diary of a Call Girl for inspiration.

And after watching the show the couple decided to reenact a scene in which Billie Piper, playing blogging prostitute Belle de Jour, is smeared with chocolate mousse by a client.

But their game went disastrously wrong when Mr Noon had a violent allergic reaction to the nuts in their dessert while his girlfriend reacted badly to the alcohol in the trifle."

Rule number one: always check with your sweetie about any possible adverse food reactions before "sploshing" or smearing them with something you or they will lick off. In bed.

If this case, the GF in question knew about her BF’s nut allergy, and simply picked off the almonds from the chocolate mouse before said smearage. Nicht gut.

Read more from the Daily Mail here, learn from their mistake (luckily, they were both fine after a hospital visit) and seriously, practice safe food play.


Although a totally serious subject, I couldn't help but giggle a bit at this. I just couldn't imagine how they explained all of this to the EMS.
Picking almonds out definately not the best idea. He should have known better. Although I doubt he was using his brain to do the thinking... :)

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