Angie’s Kettle Corn

UPDATE April 2012: Angie's has rolled out a new product with dairy and have adjusted their allergen-free statement on their website. Angie's is no longer "top 8 allergen" free. 

UPDATE August 2011: Angie's has their nut-free statement on their homepage now.

Angie's Kettle Corn is another treat discovered at Natural Products Expo East this year. Top eight allergen-free kettle corn. Just four ingredients in a plant that only makes three things: kettle corn, kettle corn lite and caramel corn. Hard to beat that.

My favorite of the three was the regular kettle corn: I found the the lite was flavorless and the caramel tasted chemical-y. But the straight up kettle corn I loved as well as their very clear allergen policy on their site.

Thanks Angie's for creating this yummy kettle corn!


Unknown said…
I've always found fresh made or homemade kettle corn to be far superior to the premade store bought varieties (which are usually preservative and chemical laden].

Any idea how Angie's makes their kettle corn? I wonder if it's made the real way with an actual kettle, or if it's machine made? I couldn't seem to find that info on their website...

John McConnell
The Kettle Corn Guy

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