A Straight Line

It was really cold last night but as I had been at my desk all day I figured I’d walk the half mile to a networking cocktails event. Bad idea. It was asthma weather (below freezing, no humidity) and I could feel it three blocks in. It was rush hour, too cold to wait for a slow, packed bus, no cabs in sight and only a few blocks more until I reached my destination. Scarf over mouth, breathing through my nose and looking for a place to let my lungs warm up, I made a tiny left into Grand Central Station walking through commuting crowds and exiting a southwest door. And kept going.

Hitting Fifth avenue and walking past the Library Lions, I realized I was hyperventilating into my scarf. I felt like I was about to pass out or have a panic attack. I stopped in Lord & Taylor’s, walked through to the southern exit and warmed up. And I kept walking. Two blocks more to get to my destination, the new Setai Hotel bar. I was relieved I had gotten there in one non-asthmatic piece and could enjoy myself in the company of other food industry professionals.

However, my walk to the Setai Hotel left me thinking about that axiom: the quickest way between two points is a straight line. No ever talks about stops along the way. But why not? We all needs stops: to warm up or cool down; to catch our breath or enjoy the present moment; to gather our thoughts or to get our bearings; maybe we feel afraid (or hyperventilate!), maybe we feel elated or ready to burst out singing (which I do often!); maybe we get sick and then we get well. But we keep going – we get to that next point. And then to the next and the next.

For many of you reading this blog, those A to B points might be between a new food allergy diagnosis for you (or your loved one, spouse or child) and going out to eat again, or eating at your sister’s destination wedding safely, or dating again (and kissing!) – feeling any small measure of control of your life. I hope you have started to plot out that course, find those points that you want to get to – my book will definitely help you find some goals or achieve ones you have set up for yourself.

The two points on my mind these days are: the moment I started this blog, my advocacy work and my private practice to the moment, in six weeks when my book, Allergic Girl will be in your hands. And even though these final days before that launch are frantic, and over-bursting, crazed and over-whelming (those are actually the stops I think), I am marching steadily, through this cold to make sure that every one of you has all of my secrets for living the best food allergic life possible and that you all get to your next point safely and joyfully!


Thanks to blogguidebook, I came to know your very interesting blog. I'm a blogger-crafter-pediatrician and I am totally with you concerning cold weather & allerigies. Take care and keep wawm.

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