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You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child? I think it takes a team -- a supportive network of friends, family and professionals -- to get through life successfully and confidently. I call it Team You and I talk about creating one more extensively in my book, Allergic Girl.

A Team You member helps you in the places where you need help.

One of those places for me is fashion. I love looking great in clothes but I do not like shopping; I just have no patience to sift through the racks. And I have no aptitude for putting things together beyond “matching” (death knell to fashionishtas, I know). After about an hour in a busy department store, boutique or sample sale, I devolve into a six year old who can’t wait to leave.

In the past few months, I’ve had a few fun things to do that required wardrobe. For the last big event, I had already spent two days shopping, finding nothing and feeling completely discouraged and frustrated. So I turned to Team Sloane fashion member Michael Palladino. Head of client services for 18 years at the famed Bendel’s, he is now teaching at LIM College and was gracious enough to meet me after work one day for a quick trip down Fashionista Way.

Michael and I met when, again, being fashion inept and at my wit’s end about finding a workable outfit, I was looking for a consultant to assist in a photo shoot for my Allergic Girl blog picture. Michael immediately understood my figure’s strengths and my personal style and within an hour I had both casual and dress up pieces that I still wear.

This time around, Michael told me to meet him at H&M at 5pm. After years of working together, Michael knows my style: classic, fresh and professional and that I work within a tight budget (I love a sale, dislike buying full retail). He went an hour a head of me, picked out five outfits, all neutral colors, all in my size. When I met him, I tried on clothing over my jeans in a corner (I didn’t even head to a room) and was at the checkout counter within 20 minutes with four outfits and pieces that I love and that are interchangeable with everything I own. Yes, Michael’s that good and I've worn everything all fall into winter.

So this blog post is really a public thank you to Michael Palladino and to encourage you to reach out for help when you need it: whether for food allergies or fashion, help, guidance, support is all there for you, you only need to ask.

PS Michael told me recently he is available for styling help. Just send him an email ( ) and drop my name.


Gaile said…
Wow, if I had a Michael Palladino in my life...omg the possibilities are endless. I love my City but am completely lost on how to meet people outside of work, and someone like this would be such a find! You are very lucky!!
Fearless Leader said…
You can find me at
It's not about luck.

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