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Recently, I was the Twitter expert for a panel hosted by the Alliance for Women in Media held at the AOL offices. All bunches of cool. 

But best of all, the colleague that invited me, Anne, told me that because of a conversation we had about her diary allergy over lunch one day she decided to do things differently on a recent trip to Italy. She asked an Italian friend to translate her cow diary allergy needs into Italian, printed up a sheet of pre-made cards and had them laminated. Here they are.

She was in Italy for two weeks and said when she went to dine, she would place the card on the table and it spoke for her. She had an entire diary-free trip in Italy, no allergic reactions and she was thrilled.

Have you traveled overseas recently? How did you handle your allergic needs?


Christine said…
I'm currently studying abroad in Hong Kong with severe peanut and mild soy allergies. It's incredibly challenging - the note method is useful, but not sufficient when there isn't an existing cultural understanding/awareness of food allergies.

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