My Allergy Survey, Dey

Just this morning, I saw a new television advertisement by Dey, the makers of EpiPen, about anaphylaxis. [Disclosure: I have a relationship with Mylan Specialty.] On national TV, NBC at 8:15am to be exact. The ad is for My Allergy Survey - a free tool from Dey The survey goes through your allergen triggers and the possible allergic reactions. The point of the survey is to “…help you prepare for a discussion with your doctor about the warning signs, so you can find out if you, or someone you care for, may be at risk for anaphylaxis.”This survey is clearly NOT a diagnostic tool but a beginning point to have a conversation with you board certified medical provider about anaphylaxis risks. You know how strongly I feel about talking with your doctor about your needs. This is a good free tool to start.

Here’s another one, my free FAQ for Allergists downloadable on my website site: 

The point of the Dey survey and my  FAQ for Allergists is: get in there and start talking with your medical providers if you suspect that you are having severe adverse reactions to food. Want a partner to support you through the process, contact me through


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