FAAN Conference, Oakbrook, IL

What a wonderful weekend in Chicago, IL at the FAAN conference. I gave the keynote about how you can create food allergy confidence, led an adult workshop about the role of communication in food allergy confidence, spoke with the teens about food allergies and living confidently and signed Allergic Girl books to 100 new food allergy allies and friends.

The weekend was made even more wonderful by virtue of being with parents, adults and teenagers who when you say, like I did, “I have food allergies, allergies, asthma and eczema” hands go up, nods and looks of recognition happen. There is great comfort in being in a room of two hundred people who are instant atopic disease allies.

If you haven't' yet experienced this sense of community, are a newly diagnosed family or want an allergy tune up, I will be speaking at the end of April in Tarrytown, NY. I hope to see you there!


The below pictures are courtesy and copyright of Morgan Smith of AllergicChild.com, and my new favorite Food Allergy Teen Ambassador.  

Giving the keynote
Signing books after the keynote
Talking to the teen session


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