Dairy-Free Buttercream: Video with Rebecca Vigil

If you’ve been reading this blog since last year, you’ll have noticed that I started doing improvisational comedy these last twelve months at The People’s Improv Theater in New York City. It’s expanded my mind and my self in ways I didn’t even know I needed or wanted. I wrote about it here in this post, "Yes And".

Part of my training has been to do musical improv, where you make up an entire musical based on audience suggestion. Thrilling and terrifying all at once and a lot of fun. One night, at The People’s Improv Theater, I saw Rebecca Vigil perform with her improv rock band (yes, totally) and was hooked on what Rebecca Vigil and The Vigilante does. NB some of what she sings about is NSFW nor G-rated but it’s all fun. If you have a chance to catch her group The Vigilante or her part in Broadway’s Next Hit Musical – go go go!

Now, musical improvisational comedy genius Rebecca Vigil has started doing a cooking show on YouTube, with writing by Josh Hurley.

A Cooking Show with Rebecca Vigil
I was honored to join her on her show. We made dairy-free buttercream (the recipe is here). But we needed to frost something, so I made cupcakes using King Arthur Gluten-Free chocolate cake mix pictured below.

Offset knife icing the cupcakes

You can see all four of the dairy-free buttercream ingredients to my left, in the picture below. That huge bottle of Tahitian vanilla was sent to me by Nielsen-Massey - thank you for the vanilla love Nielsen-Massey

The recipe is so easy, we had to laugh!
 Here we are in-between shots.

Rebecca's hair is like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, no really.

Here’s the finished comedy video, YouTube fun for the whole family. All of the music is by Rebecca Vigil and remember: the recipe is real, the comedy bits are just for fun:

Buttercream + Rebecca + me = allergen-friendly fun!


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