The Counter, NYC

Recently, I was invited to try out the new gluten-free menu at The Counter in Times Square. I  had a long chat with both the general manager and Chef Eddy about how they handle severe life-threatening food allergies (here are their online allergen policies and listings) as well as food intolerances and gluten-free requests. Satisfied with my conversation with The Counter Burger in Times Square team, I taste tested beef burger and bison burger on Udi’s Gluten-Free buns. All was delish!

Some specifics about The Counter in Times Square:

The restaurant does not serve peanuts or tree nuts in the main entrees.  There is peanut butter at the bar to make milkshakes and there is Nutella also for one dessert item.
-Always remind your bartender about your food allergic needs, as well.

They have a Mahi-mahi “burger” – it’s cooked in a pan; the burgers and marinated chicken are cooked on the grill.
-Great news for those burger lovers who are also fish allergic, like me. Double check with your The Counter outpost.

When an allergy order is made, one cook handles the entire order from beginning to end, including starting with a fresh pair of gloves.

One of the fryers at The Counter in Times Square is dedicated to fries only (gluten-free).
-Nice; however I didn't try.

They use soybean oil to fry their fries.
-Soy-allergic people, ask your doctor about soybean oil and your food allergy needs.

The Counter in Times Square's desserts are made off-site, therefore no allergen-free options there.
-Desserts tend to me an allergic minefield and I rarely if ever eat dessert out.

Right now, they are using buns made by Udi’s Gluten-Free.
-Double check with the chef or manager at your The Counter outpost. When I was at The Counter in Times Square, they had a copy of the Udi’s label ready to have a look in a binder. Great job and excellent disclosure!

Here’s a picture of my delicious The Counter in Times Square beef burger and bison burger. Yes, I ate both; I was at a tasting and they were both delicious!

The Counter in Times Square burgers and Udi’s Gluten-Free bun brought separately for my ease
I split the bun and had one burger on each half - so good!

Chef Eddy and GM Nelson couldn’t have been nicer, they walked me through every menu item, ingredients and sub-ingredients, were kind, patient and happy to help and I’ll be happy to go back!

Thank you, The Counter
7 Times Square
(41st & Broadway)
New York NY 10036
212 997 6801


Michi said…
I wonder if all The Counters are the same with their allergen policy. We have one in our town Pasadena, CA but i hesitated bc they have peanut sauce and PB&J. I wonder if it's worth looking into. We area always open to new restaurants.

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