Jovial Foods Tagliatelle: Review

I received some samples of Jovial Foods gluten-free pasta back in January, lasagna noodles and tagliatelle. Jovial Foods started making gluten-free items recently. They also make wheat-full pastas.

*Contact Jovial Foods directly to find out if they are safe for your needs. If you are unclear about your medical diagnosis, talk with your board certified medical provider about your diet and your personal needs.*

I’ve tried Jovial GF pasta before with wonderful results; they have a yummy product to be sure. This time around I loved the tagliatelle, the lasagna noodles less so.

 I quickly cooked up the lasagna, it’s the first lasagna I’ve made since 2005 when I cut wheat out of my diet as I was having some stomach issues (turns out I’m slightly wheat intolerant so I’ve maintained a wheat-free diet since then).

Sadly, over half of the lasagna pasta noodles were broken. I don't know if that's a function of shipping or of the GF-nature of lasagna noodles. Then when cooked, the noodles were fine, just not super spectacular, like I want to run out and make lasagna every week. That might be me though and not the noodles; maybe I'm no longer a lasagna person.

My patchwork of Jovial Foods GF lasagna noodles

The finished Jovial Foods GF pasta lasagna
Now the tagliatelle, I would use this product every week and serve it to friends and family. The nests of noodles were all intact and usable. Once cooked, the noodle is bouncy and light; it has the right texture, that eggy look and flavor. It cooked up perfectly. Overall, the tagliatelle is an excellent addition to Jovial Foods gluten-free family of pastas.

Is that a gorgeous plate of pasta!
 Thank you Jovial Foods for continuing to innovate with gluten-free noodles!


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