Recipe: Italian Herb Blend, Vegan, Top 8 Allergen Free

As part of the Epicurious #cook90 experience back in January, you can read more about it here, I challenged myself to use more herbs and spices, fresh and dried, in my dishes. 

This Italian herb mix was born of that #cook90 month and I’ve found it indispensable. You can add these dried herbs to a salad dressing, use it to flavor meats (this is perfect for chicken!) and I even make herby home fries with it. 

And, YOU make it, so it’s not a pre-fabricated, pre-made mix. Use dried herbs brands you trust. Here’s a picture of my spice cabinet. 

Some of the brands I use:  Fairway, Simply Organic, Whole Pantry and Divvies chocolate (WHAT?! How did that snowman get there? Thank you, Brooklyn Allergy Mom!).

RECIPE: Italian Herb Blend, Vegan, Top 8 Allergen Free

2 teaspoons each of dried thyme, basil and oregano

Blend. Sprinkle liberally, on everything!


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