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Pancakes with homemade blackberry jam

I’m joining #cook90 via my @allergicgirlnyc Instagram feed via @epicurious & @davidtamarkin: "The #cook90 challenge is simple: cook three meals a day, every day, for a whole month." - @epicurious

You can sign up here like I
In truth, this is no biggie for me. If you follow my @allergicgirlnyc feed, you’ll often see my three meals a day (and snacks, too); I work from home (mostly); I’m already a skilled cook and baker (mainly); I already love to cook and entertain; and I already love to read cookbooks. So I already check many of the #cook90 boxes. (Lots of alreadys there!)

However, as much as I’m a routine-driven person and love routine, I get into food ruts.  I can eat the same thing every day with complete joy and satisfaction (routine-girl!) but suddenly it will back up on me and I’ll think, “Ugh, I don’t want to think about what I’m making for dinner.”

So, the #cook90 challenge for me is two-fold:

1. Try new recipes. I have a two new cookbooks that have been waiting patiently for my attention: @food52 #anewwaytodinner & @whole30. Now I will break them open and check them out. Also, I have tagged many dessert recipes from my new #instafriends that I cannot wait to make #allergenfriendly for all of us.

2. Get more creative with leftovers. As I said I could easily just eat the same thing 4x a week, and be totally in love with it each time. But. I’d like to get a bit more creative with leftovers or the basics I make each week (a pot of red sauce, veggies/fruits, steamed grains, proteins).

My #cook90 challenge goals:

1. To try at least one new recipe a week, namely something chicken, I really don't like preparing chicken; a holdover after 17 years of being a vegetarian I'm certain. Yuck. Raw chicken.

2. To use more herbs and spices, fresh herbs especially, which I buy and they they die so quickly without being used. :(

3. And to make some new desserts that work with my dietary needs (and yours I bet)!

*What won’t change*:

I will always be #allergicgirl compliant. All of my recipes will be free from my anaphylactic allergens (all tree nuts & all seafood are the biggies, plus some fruits and vegs) as well as my food intolerances (wheat and soy). They will be portion controlled. And they will be delicious!

Join me on Instagram @allergicgirlnyc and on my Facebook feed to see my #cook90 month unfold. 

Better yet, tag me at @allergicgirlnyc #cook90 to cook allergen-friendly with me!


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