ADVOCACY: AAFA Sends ACA Coverage Letter to Congress, Add Your Story

From our trusted colleagues at AAFA, this call to action is from their website:

Congress is moving forward to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a plan in place to ensure that Americans will continue to have access to the health insurance they need.  

The ACA guarantees that people with chronic conditions have access to affordable health insurance, and Congress could take this away.  This means our nation risks going back to a time when people with chronic conditions like asthma and allergies could be denied health insurance or forced to pay outrageous premiums or dropped from coverage just when they need it most.

AAFA needs your help now. Many lawmakers have begun the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Contact your members of Congress (your senators and representatives) and urge them to fight on behalf of you and all their constituents who depend on the Affordable Care Act.  

Tell Congress not to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act until there is a guarantee that you will still have access to equal or better coverage.

Go to this link on the AAFA website for more information to let your voice be heard NOW!


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