Recipes: Week 1 Goals, #cook90, Epicurious

These are the four cookbooks that I’m diving into to help me reach my Epicurious #cook90 goals which I wrote about here in this post

Food52: A New Way To Dinner, Brassicas by Laura B RussellAllergy-Free And Easy Cooking by Cybele Pascal and Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig

(NB: all of these books I received for potential blogger reviews from the respective publishers.)

After thumbing through Allergy-Free And Easy Cooking by Cybele Pascal, I know want to make chimichurri, an Argentine herb-based marinade/sauce. It looks super easy, I just need to buy the herbs and chop, chop, chop. Goal 1 will be achieved!

Goal 2. Make something chicken-based. So, I’m eying Allergy-Free And Easy Cooking by Cybele Pascal’s Chicken Piccata. 

So stay tuned to Instagram @allergicgirlnyc and my Facebook feed as I make these two dishes this week!


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