Allergic Girl: #cook90 challenge by Epicurious: Take-Aways

This month, I joined the #cook90 challenge by Epicurious on Instagram

"The #cook90 challenge is simple: cook three meals a day, every day, for a whole month." - @epicurious 

No biggie for me, basically I already do that so I gave myself more specific goals: use new recipes and be more creative with leftovers, all to get out of a cooking/dining rut. You can read more about my stated goals on my Allergic Girl blog.

Overall, I’d say goals were MEGA achieved and even better than that, I feel like I reconnected to my deep love of food and creating i.e. I got out of my food rut!

I upped my #nextover game: sliced cold chicken with refreshed chicken skin with a side of blackberry jam for dipping – beyond! I made candied oranges and then orange chocolate bark. I used herbs in interesting ways – I’m looking at you chimichurri and blackberry thyme chocolate bark. I made recipes I had been dreaming about: yes, you homemade yogurt. I became the queen of roasted chicken thighs, especially those with Italian herbs. I made easy oven fries that are stupid good. I even made up a recipe all by myself! (That one will be sponsored and on the blog soon.)

What a joyful month of cooking! And I’m going keep it going.

For February, I’m thinking:

Chicken skin tacos

Poached chicken breasts for salads

Lamb with prunes

Suzy-Q cakes (which I’ve never had)

Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see what I'm cooking right now!


KP said…
A recipe that lets me celebrate the joys of crispy chicken skin--I'm in! Thanks for sharing, Sloane...

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