Recipe: Easy Blackberry Jam, Vegan, Tree Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

Blackberry saucy jam on pancakes

If you follow me on on Instagram @allergicgirlnyc or on Facebook you'll see, I've been going gaga for blackberry jam. it's so easy, it's so good and dresses up just about everything.

This is not a stiff, set, jelly like jam. This is runny, saucy and sexy jam. It works as a topping on pancakes (see above). Or a side for cold sliced chicken (see below).

You can swirl it into yogurt (see here), 

Or hot cereal or spoon it over ice cream. I even swirled it into a chocolate bark with great success (look away, it's beyond delish!). 

The uses are endless. 

Recipe note: I don't make mine overly sweet and I err on the side of less sugar, because you can always add more sugar but you can’t take it out. But that’s totally up to you. I also use Turbinado sugar/sugar in the raw as that’s what I have on hand. White sugar is fine here as well.


Recipe: Easy Blackberry Jam, Vegan, Tree Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

Adapted from The Kitchn, Martha Stewart and me

1 pound blackberries, clean and picked through for any leaves or particulate matter
.5 cup Turbinado sugar
½ fresh lemon, juiced (or half a navel orange, juiced)

Combine all in a heavy bottomed bot, cook on medium high heat, stirring for about 10 minutes until thickened. Press fruit to break it down further. Taste and add sugar if more needed. Let cool and transfer into a lidded container and store fridge. Will last about 7-10 days.


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