The New Gramercy Park Hotel

Sunday, before Tom’s BBQ, Casey and I stopped in to check out the Schrager redo of the Gramercy Park Hotel. The last time I was there was for Eric’s 30th birthday, two years back, and the whole thing was a bit on the Miss Havisham side. And not on purpose.

However, the new lobby of the new Gramercy Hotel washes away—no, erases--the sad memories of the Gramercy Hotel’s lobby’s past. And it certainly helped that Isabella Rossellini was in the lobby whilst we were. Whether she staying at the hotel or meeting friends for drinks we couldn’t tell, but she looked stunning.

The Jade bar to the right is tiny and was packed. I was hoping for a fresh ginger drink, along the lines of something I had at Double Seven, when it opened. The drink they made there was freshly pressed ginger juice, lemon juice, a honey simple syrup and fizzy water. Really delish.

As there were some fresh ginger slices on the bar, I got all excited.

“What do you guys do with fresh ginger?”

The bartender replied dully, “Ask the other guy. I have no idea.”

So much for a nice fresh ginger drink.

As there were no seats available and clearly no clue among the staff, they did *just* open, we sauntered into the empty lobby where a fire was flickering, hot-looking hotel staff were milling and the red plush banquettes were still firm enough not to sink and totally ruin your back.

All in all it felt like the calm before the trendy storm. Give it another month, it will be so packed in there, our intimate moment shared with Ms. Blue Velvet will be a dim, quiet memory.


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