Slow Down Girl

This is a lot of expansion and exposure for one girl and fast. Mazel tov, of course, to Rachel. But all this success, poo, poo, poo, and she doesn’t even do complimentary flavors?

Here’s a perfect example: I’m watching tonight’s 30 minute meals and she’s making sloppy deviled chicken with chipotle. And here's what rubs me: all three of her dishes have chipotle as the main spice/flavoring/kick. Chipotle chicken, chipotle cheese fondue and chipotle popcorn? Yuck.

She does this for every spice she highlights in these shows. Has no one told her that meals won’t turn out yummy if everything tastes the same? Someone needs to tell her that she can mix and match. Sigh.

I’m not quite in the “I really dislike RR” camp quite yet but c’mon, all chipotle?


Anonymous said…
I DESPISE Rachel Ray. When my housemate watches her, and I hear her annoying voice from the other room, I have to run in just to watch and make fun of her. I know, it's terrible. But to me, she's a lazy, not particularly inspired or talented cook with an obnoxious voice. So there.

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