What's Newer Pussycat

The NYT has picked up Allerca's Hypo-kitty story. I thought the quote below says it all, a typical potential client’s emotional response and Allerca’s perfect target buyer.

“Mr. Cullen and his girlfriend, Cheryl Burley, have fought a losing two-year battle to engineer a tolerable co-existence with Cimbi, because Ms. Burley, a devoted cat lover, has had cat allergies since childhood…The couple never put down carpets. They installed HEPA filters and vacuumed incessantly. But Ms. Burley’s symptoms worsened in recent months and that fragile equilibrium fell apart two weeks ago when the couple took in a second cat, Marley. Ms. Burley could not work, could not breathe and had a seizure. They took Marley to an animal shelter. ‘Our whole life has gone downhill,’ Ms. Burley said. ‘I missed four days of work. I’m back on inhalers, eyedrops and creams. This hypoallergenic cat would be a perfect solution for me. I’m determined to have a kitty'."

Never having had a kitty or a furry pet, and being so allergic and asthmatic, I REALLY don’t understand why there are so many people willing to be so sick for a pet? I mean person+ kitty = seizure? To me that does not mean buy new kitty! But she says it; she is determined to have a cat.

We had a family acquaintance, who was a regular on Santa Barbara, who had allergies and asthma and had multiple cats and was sick all day long! And if I recall correctly, she took shots and was still sick!

This would be my nightmare. Actually it was just two nights ago: I was at a friend’s house in Mexico; he had a caged animal in every room for luck, and wouldn’t even put them away. My asthma had flared up, I couldn’t breathe and there were no hotels where he lived. I woke up gasping for air and pissed at my friend.


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