Acidophilus Milk?

Acidophilus Milk ? Huh? What? Have you heard of this?

Ok, a friend of mine, a really good close dear friend, swears that Two and a Half Men is a really funny show. Yeah, my dear friend is a guy. But he swears it’s good, so I DVR’d it and watched it and I have yet to find one funny thing about this show. But he keeps calling me on the night it’s airing to remind me about it and then calling me after to make sure I watched it.

Well, tonight I watched it and they kept talking about Acidophilus Milk like this was a normal thing to be buying at the store. Either this is a strictly LA thing, or the writer is a woman or has a wife who has stomach issues and thought talking about the milk would get some kind of laugh, which it did. But I have never seen this on the shelves [although truth be known I'm not a dairy expert these days].

Hmmm, have you seen it, tasted it, used it?


Alisa said…
Hi AllergicGirl,

I have to admit, it has been a couple of years since I last watched the show, but I found two and a half men entertaining. Hilariously funny, not quite… mildly amusing, definitely.

Regarding the acidophilus milk, I have yet to spot it on the shelves of any store. I know it is out there, but I haven’t found it. I addressed it in my book, Dairy Free Made Easy, as follows:

“Acidophilus milk has the same nutritional value as the milk from which it is made, most often cow’s milk. It differs in that the bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus, a common probiotic, has been added directly to the milk to aid in digestion. Some people swear that acidophilus milk has been their savior for lactose intolerance. However, a study undertaken by the Mayo Clinic found no evidence that supported acidophilus milk as useful in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. As well, the study participants found little relief from the digestive symptoms of lactose intolerance.

If you are lactose intolerant, and very interested in finding a cow’s milk substitute, acidophilus or lactose-free milk may be worth trying. Neither will be suitable for those who are milk allergic or who are cutting the milk for other health, social, or religious reasons.”

It should be noted as well, that acidophilus milk still contains lactose. It is not a lactose-free option, which is why many feel it has no merits in treating lactose intolerance.

Because real yogurt, kefir, or simply probiotic supplementation may have a similar effect, I can not say that it would be worth seeking out. I imagine it carries a much higher price tag as well. But I will see if I can find it for curiosity sake as well!
Catherine said…
I have lived in NY and Virginia for the last 11 years, but I grew up in CA. I saw Acidophilus milk frequently in grocery stores in CA growing up. In fact my cousin used to drink only that. I haven't seen at all in VA or NYC grocery stores...
Allergic Girl said…
thanks for the comments gals!
Eric said…
We have acidophilus milk in Nashville. I really like it because even though it only has 1% milkfat it tastes very similar to the 2% I grew up drinking. I haven't really noticed any improvements in my overall health, though.
Allergic Girl said…
so interesting. i still don't see it here in our regular grocery stores. next time i'm in a health food store i'll have to ask what all the fuss is about.
XenoFoxx said…
Hi Allergic Girl.

I haven't seen Acidophilus Milk anywhere here in NC but I haven't gone to any of the health food stores, only conventional grocery stores.

I recall back in the 80's when Jim Varney did those "Ernest P. Worrell" commercials and I remember him advertising "Purity Sweet Acidophilus Milk" in gallon sized jugs. As it turns out, Purity is based out of Nashville which is probably how Eric above was able get ahold of some.

Here is the website for Purity's Sweet Acidophilus Milk

I would suggest doing a search for local commercial dairy farms in your area and seeing if any of them produced it, at least then you could let your grocer know there was a local vendor in the area.

Good luck
roller said…
I live in orange county, ca and have to say this milk is so very difficult to find, even here. I've tried all the local grocery chains, Mother's Market, Henry's, etc. So here I am googling and stumble upon your post... Thank you for getting the word out. I know it's just "milk" but damn! :) All the best!
Mónica said…
Hi there. I live in Seattle and i work in a supermarket, Safeway, and since a couple of months ago i've been seeing every kind of people buying it, from the brand Lucerne mostly, and it costs $2.99 a gallon, wich is the price of regular milk anyway... I haven't tryed it but i will since i've only heard good stuff about it.
Karen said…
Acidophilus can be added to soy milk as well.

Acidophilus is great for yeast, but can be added to many thing other than cows milk even apple sause or soy yougurt.
Karen said…
Acidophilus can be added to soy milk as well.

Acidophilus is great for yeast, but can be added to many thing other than cows milk even apple sause or soy yougurt.
JP said…
So my failed attempt at yogurt-making is actually a marketable "health food" product? Good to know.

For those having trouble finding this milk, try making your own (cheaply!) with a bit of store-bought unflavored yogurt as a starter culture.

Other interesting facts about the sugar-eating critters that make it:
H said…
My two kids and husband are all lactose intolerant. They can not drink regular milk but they can drink acidophilus milk. I an in Reno NV and I buy it at Safeway, but I also find it at Scoalri's and Raleys
I can find this milk anywhere I go in Oregon least, Southern Oregon. I have a problem when I drink milk only because it causes me to brake out badly and I feel sluggish after I drink it. I've tried rice and soy milk, but they taste just gross to me. So my mom told me about acidophilus milk and I had high hopes, but no go. Gave me hives instead of just brake outs...way worse than regular milk! I can say that I didn't feel as sluggish though ...I should have know better, yogurt makes me really sick too.
I have always grown up drinking Sweet Acidophilus milk. I have a deficiency of probiotics and therefore need it in order to digest milk and milk products. It tastes just like regular milk, is easily found in most places through the Mid-West and South. It is often referred to as "NuTrish" milk or by Mayfield as "Nurture". All the same thing. It is almost impossible to find in the Northeast, though. The further you get away from OH, a big distributing state, the more difficult it seems, though you can find it in some Rutter Gas Station stores. It contains the "good bacteria" that your body needs anyway to help fight off infections (the same stuff found in Live Active products, yogurt, etc), so many companies are now marketing it as an immunity booster. My husband can't tell the difference between "my milk" and regular milk! We especially love Mayfield's varieties because they make both 1% and 2% ... thanks, Mayfield! Hope this is helpful.
gabrielle said…
It's easy to find in Nashville. Ha, ha that's just run off the mill country stuff!

I started drinking it to balance out the healthy bacteria in my body. I get tired of eating yogurt all the time. Probiotics I can't do because most of the capsules have soy in them (allergy) or are too expensive.
otherduck1999 said…
We had it in Maine under the Oakhurst label and they called it Nutrish. I am looking for it here in Western Massachusetts.
Dawn said…
Many people are struggling where to find acidophilus milk in the US and Canada. Some States it is really easy - others next to impossible.

This page has feedback from many readers, some asking where to buy it and some saying where they have found it.

Hope this might help people looking for this healthful drink.
casey_cupcake said…
i went to that link and wont tell me anywhere in ny... Im in western pa till tommorrow in pa we have dean's milk that makes it but im going back to staten island ny and idk where to find it. my daughter who is 8 months old drinks it and i need to find
Sheree White said…

I live in Jackson, TN and I just found the acidophilus milk at Kroger grocery store. I'm lactose intolerant as well so I will be trying it to see if it works. Try Kroger's grocery hopefully you'll find it there as well. Hope this helps.

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