Health Salad

BB was kind enough to send along a recipe for mayonaise-less coleslaw after he heard my outcry for the lost health salad. I whipped up a batch a little while ago, it took all of two minutes, and it’s tastes great. [NB: I used sugar in the raw, not processed white sugar].

It’s just not the right taste; it’s not the exact taste.

In this age of Google, I thought maybe someone else out there has found THE recipe. And what I found is Amazon has a copy of the Second Avenue Deli cookbook, and in the “look inside” function, they captured the page with the health salad recipe. THE recipe. Scroll through to page 10. Here it is, in its entirety.

Ok, so the next health salad, I’m gonna go back to the source and see what’s what.

PS After it marinated for a day, the health salad improved dramatically in taste and texture. The sour to sweet ratio is slightly skewed towards sour [2nd ave was sweeter] but on the whole, yummy slaw to have in one's fridge at all times.


burekaboy — said…
that looks like a GREAT book :) even better that you can get some of those terrific recipes online. i'll have to try this version. the one i posted is sort of a variation of this, i guess (i did take out the green pepper part from the one i posted as i don't like them). i've never had the 2nd Ave one. what makes theirs so special you think? combo of ingredients, the dressing or the fact that it's from the 2nd ave deli?? :)) we have tons of variations here in Mtl as we are heavy on the (jewish) deli stuff here.
Allergic Girl said…
i think it's proably simply a ratio issue cos yours had all the right components. it's a taste thing, you know it when you have it, ya know?! i dont think it's just cos it came for free although that never hurts.

and really? montreal has a large jewish pop? i never knew. gotta come up and do a jew-crawl...
Lynn Barry said…
Thank you Allergic girl and bureka boy. I have been throwing this and that into a coleslaw mixture hoping it is the right combo fro a tasty non-mayo dish and falling short. I will give this recipe a try. THANKS!

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