Breaking The Fast

How did yours go? I hope you had a good day of reflection and atonement.

I so didn’t fast but ate really lightly, just tea and a GF muffin. And I had to taste the egg salad to make sure it was ok. And then some of the cheese platter. Ok, so I didn’t fast at all but I fasted in my heart. And there’s always next year.

Here are some pictures from my gluten-free and gluten-ful table, about 50% of which was organic and/or local. [I'm still setting up during this shot]

The menu:
Tangerine Juice [I thought it was orange, oops!]
Champagne [thanks Michael!]
Crudite with hummus

Bagels [the regular kind]
Sliced tomatoes and sliced red onions
Cream cheese
Fruit platter: red grapes, navel oranges, nectarines, strawberries
Three kinds of gluten-free muffins [from GFP mixes]

Egg salad
And a selection of hard cheeses

Your basic dairy break-fast!


Alisa said…
Oh those muffins look divine! We actually prefer tangerine juice in our house, good mistake!
Maria H said…
I think the Food Network is totally missing out on a huge market and needs the "next Food Network Star" to be an allergy free chef - why not you? A total dream for me, I watched that show all the time until my daughter was diagnosed and since then it's just misery to watch all those yummy things being made that I'll never be able to make any time soon again. I've even thought of the name of the show already - just need the time to practice at some video blogging!

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