Rosh Hashannah and Joan Nathan

Joan Nathan's doing another Q&A about Rosh recipes in the NYT. Yours truly asked her the following:

"dear joan: what holiday dishes might you recommend for those who are gluten [wheat] & dairy intolerant and tree-nut-allergic?
thank you!"

This was her reply: “allergic to nuts, milk and flour. Hmm. I would try to make a bread like teff, that I made recently out of spelt flour, soaking it in water, and letting it rise for two days covered. Then I added a little yeast and more spelt flour before we fried the bread like a pancake. It was spongy and delicious but wrap it in a spicy chicken dish like the Ethiopian one in Jewish Cooking in America. You can also make a lovely quinoa salad with pomegranates, apples, oranges and other harbingers of a good new year or a hot quinoa pilav with fresh fall vegetables like squash and carrots. I would make good coconut macaroons for dessert with some biblical dates. — Posted by Joan Nathan”

I appreciate the quinoa salad recipe-that sounds yummy. But I’m a little confused by her bread suggestion. Is she suggesting make teff bread but make it with spelt [i.e. which is wheat and be a big no-no]. Or did she mean make a spelt bread she concocted but use teff and she transposed the words? Hmmm.


K Allrich said…
Nice! I have one of Joan's big cookbooks- Jewish Cooking in America, I think is the title. It seemed to me she was referring to the spelt bread she had made, and saying she bet teff would a suitable sub for the spelt.

I'm not a big fan of teff- have you tried it?
Allergic Girl® said…
i knew someone would know what she was talking about, thanks!

i have had injera bread [ethiopian teff bread] many times, which i like.

but i dont think i'd make it for rosh...
ByTheBay said…
I think she accidentally used the word "teff" instead of the word injera, but also doesn't realize that spelt isn't safe. just my $.02

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