Second Avenue Deli Returns?


According to the NYT, Second Avenue Deli is back. It’s really gonna happen in Murray Hill. I see some health salad and some brisket in my near future.

"SECOND AVENUE DELI The younger generation of the Lebewohl family is reopening this East Village kosher deli in Murray Hill. So what if it’s still called the Second Avenue Deli? What about Sullivan Street Bakery, on West 46th Street, or, for that matter, Madison Square Garden? The Adam Tihany redesign from 1996 is being repeated here with somewhat fewer seats, more smoked fish on the menu, a full liquor bar and nuggets of grivenes (chicken cracklings) and ptcha (garlicky jellied calf’s foot) to nibble with a drink and to make mavens weep with joy: 162 East 33rd Street, (212) 677-0606 or (212) 689-9000. October."


Bo said…
Yeah! I'm there with you sister. Pastrami for me please.

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