Rosh Hashanah Dinner

Had a lovely small family affair on Wednesday night, I hope you had a wonderful night of New Year celebrations.

Our menu: matzoh ball soup, apples and honey, challah, brisket, roasted chicken, dried fruit tsimmes, roasted root vegetables, sweet noodle kugel and two chocolate cakes.

What this Allergic Girl ate: roasted chicken and roasted veggies with apples and honey.

Yeah, yeah, I’m just a bit lazy when it comes to making special gluten-free items to approximate the originals. Ms. Bay even had a super round-up of Rosh recipes to suit many food allergies and those that are gluten-free but, well, I didn’t make a one.

I made the sweet noodle kugel for one of our guests who loved it last year and the year before and who I know was looking forward to it this year. It’s made with egg noodles and eggs and sour cream and milk and sugar, all of which spells major tummy ache for me. I suppose I could've made all kinds of substitutions to make it vegan and GF or even make one out of potato as my doctor suggested [I saw him this week for a check-up and we were comparing Rosh menus]. But I made the kugel for this guest and didn’t feel the need to make one for myself as there was so much food.

It’s like Thanksgiving: how much can one actually eat? As an adult, I don't gorge myself, I'm happy with a simple meal prepared well and with love. The chicken and veggies were yummy and filling-I didn't NEED a GF challah.


I felt a little lame-o about my laziness in not creating one gluten-free thing on this glutinous night, even if it was for a party of moi. The lame-o-ness really kicked in when I heard all the "oohs" over the kugel promoting me to think that it might be worth making a GF/dairy-free one next time so I could ohh and aah too.

Lucky for me, I can reverse lame-o to wham-o because the next time will be Yom Kippur next Saturday as I’m hosting the break fast at my house this year. The typical menu for a break fast is bagels, cream cheese and lox, none of which I can have. I don’t mind serving bagels and cream cheese (I may buy some GF bagels) but as I’m allergic to salmon, lox is not entering my home, thank you. So, I will be trolling the net for some Yom alternatives and suggestions and links are always welcome/encouraged.


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