Broadway Esplanades

I just think this idea [and seemingly overnight implementation] is the craziest ever (From The New York Times):

"As if New York wasn’t stimulating enough already, the city has provided a new kind of thrill right in the heart of Midtown: an esplanade carved into Broadway where people can sit and relax as cars and trucks whiz by."

Wha? Who thought this up? Who thought it would be safe?

This sentence is the most amusing: "Although Broadway has been narrowed, the flow of traffic on Monday did not seem to be noticeably tangled as a result of the recent changes."

Of course not, it's the summer before the last weekend of the summer. The city is dead-quiet. Duh.

The hilarity continues: "Janette Sadik-Khan, the transportation commissioner, has said that traffic patterns might shift and that there was enough capacity on other nearby avenues for drivers."

"Might shift"? Has she driven on a nearby avenue, during rush hour?

The whole things is surreal for an already congested, taxi-filled driving experience.


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