Photographer, Kenneth Chen

The summer before my freshman year of college I had an opportunity to be a photographer’s assistant to Kenneth Chen a young, up and coming portrait photographer.

Back in the day (no, we’re not that old but 10 years in the world of media might as well be 100) being an assistant still involved actual labor i.e. schlepping.

I was the official schlepper of lights and tripods and multiple cameras and lots of film for Kenneth, as he zig zagged across the city, booking gigs out of his Hotel Chelsea office (which also housed allergy-friendly snacks for me).

At his feet, I learned more than just photography but how to make one's subject feel comfortable. Ken is so easy and light to be around and his shot-promptings included: “Great! Keep going! You’re lovely, gorgeous, beautiful”. Who doesn't love that? (He also used these pink-orange gels on his lights that made his subjects, whether doctors or golfers, look young, smooth, warm, content.)

Flash forward a few years and I needed a nice picture for my blog. Something better than the shots friend X took in the park outside of work. I turned to my old friend Kenneth Chen for help.

A lot of you have asked me who took that picture of me with the bowl of pistachios. It was Kenneth. And when he came to take that picture of me there was no light box, no gels, no extra rolls of film. Just a tripod and a digi cam and natural light. And me. And Ken.

His work is my bio pic.

And here: Delicious portraits of babies and children and adults.

Here's one of Pearl.

And he teaches groups. And he has private workshops in NJ and NYC. And he’s gone digital. And he teaches how you can too. (I really need that class Ken, my digi pix are all wrong; there's no F-stop so I'm lost!)

So here’s a rather shameless plug for an old friend, colleague, wonderful photographer and all around nice guy for all of you who have written in and asked who took that bio pic:

Kenneth Chen, photographer.
tel: 646.734.6552


Kelly said…
I was just wondering. Were you very nervous to hold that bowl of pistachios? My daughter has gotten the oil from an old shell on her skin and broke out in hives. I am just so amazed that you could do it. We are too scared! Also, thank you for posting about Shabtai, but I have a question. I read through their site and wanted to order many a treat, but while they post "allergen free, gluten free", and others, they never say "tree nut free". Do you know if they are indeed tree-nut free as well? We'd love to try some of their items. Thanks, I love your site.
The Success said…
Nice blog...
I like your blog
simple and cool
Leet said…
I like photography too
and I like painting

Cheers - Leet
Natalie said…
That's one of the most precious photos I've seen!!!
Unknown said…
Great that you have this website. My son's both suffer from severe allergies-both asthma and food allergies. My little guy can't eat any protein-no soy, milk, meat, chicken, nuts, and (unfortunately) he can't have rice either. Do you know of anything my baby could eat that is soy, milk, and rice free? How hard it is! Thank you...
Lucía Elisa said…
waoo, your blog is very interesting!! the pictures are really nice
The Wine Guy said…
Very interesting stuff!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on making into the September list of Blogger's Blogs of Note.

Dawn said…
What a gorgeous, chubby baby! Hee hee! And the bowl of nuts photo is great, kinda sassy.
Photography is a skill (and art) that I've always wanted to learn, but not sure I have the natural eye.
TSL said…
Love those baby lips, and love this site. I am allergic to gluten and will definitely get on this blog often and read! It is a great blog, keep up the good work.
PS - was in New York on the Georgia Washington for the first time last week passing on the way to Mass.
Alison Purple said…
omg! This photo of the baby is prefect. I love it soooo!!
newyorka said…
i also love photography, so this one is interesting for me.
Bugtussell USA said…
Great Blog!

I am hoping that somebody will one day find the root cause of food and other allergies. The more I read about genetically modified seeds and hormones being injected into our food, the more I want to just stop eating. I wonder what is good for us and what isn't. I have been reading for a few months now and I cringe each time my child asks for milk. I will be growing more and more of our foods, but will I find seeds to plant that are not genetically modified? I worry about the future of our food!
Super Mommie said…
I love that pic! It's wonderful.

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