Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Uh oh, the Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are a little too good.

I’m glad I only baked one to try. I taste tested a few spoons of the raw cookie dough, it was delish, a bit crumbly as most GF doughs can be but not unpleasant, ho ho, not at all. I made the mix with butter and mixed by hand (as in squished dough through my fingers until it was the right consistency and texture for raw cookie dough). I mixed manually because either my butter wasn’t soft enough (highly possible) or the dry gluten-free flour ingredients weren’t incorporating correctly with the wet ingredients (less possible). Mixing by hand is excellent because you know the exact moment that the cookie dough is incorporated correctly. If you have kids, let them mix with scrupulously clean hands; it’s cool.

(For you no butter folks, here are the no butter directions from the Betty Crocker site.)

The resultant single cookie that I baked (and, er, ate while still warm) was buttery, had that lovely brown sugar taste and I found that there were plenty of chips. Overall, a decent, very close to the “real” thing cookie. Too close. I put the extra dough in the freezer for later use. Oy.

Well done, Betty Crocker.


The Baking Bean said…
I just heard about these too, but they aren't in Canada yet! Can't wait to try them on my next trip South.
Marty said…
I just e-mailed Betty Crocker to get a complete ingredient and allergen list. Maybe, just maybe I can use some of these products!
Tracy and Paul said…
I would love to be able to try these...not able to get them in Canada. :(
Unknown said…
Here's an online petition to try to bring the Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes to Canada. They're made in Canada but only sold in the US. Maybe if big companies like General Mills start realizing that there is a demand for it here they'll start to look at how they can make some of their other products gluten free too.
Allergic Girl® said…

they are also on twitter and answer tweets, try it that way too!

Unknown said…
How silly! Made in Canada, available only in the US.

For Canadian choc chip cookie lovers, the absolute best cookie mix I've tried is manufactured by Judy's - there are two different cookie mixes, but the best of the best is the 'chewy' one - just like Mom used to make. Definitely worth looking for :o)



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