Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix
is one of Cherrybrook Kitchen’s newest products. I'm so impressed (and grateful) that continue to refine their brand and their gluten-free, vegan, kosher, peanut/tree nut free offerings. CBK sent me a few boxes of the Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix to try. (Disclosure: Cherrybrook Kitchen also supports Worry-Free Dinners events with samples for events).

I'm not much of a chocolate person. Also, I'd rather have a protein breakfast versus a sweet one, so I'm not really their target market but I wanted to try it anyway. I made silver dollar sized pancakes and served them without accoutrements, no butter or butter substitute nor maple syrup; they didn't need it. Very rich, indulgent and not light (these are some substantial little cakes) the CBK mix makes a very desserty breakfast item. The chocolate chips tasted on the bittersweet side of the chocolate spectrum which made the pancakes even richer. I could only finish one for breakfast but that didn't stop me from eating two more, cold, during lunch. They are rich and yum.

If you have that chocolate sweet tooth, love a sweet breakfast, are looking for a special Sunday brunchy addition, and you're gluten-free, dairy-free and peanut/tree nut free, these Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix might be for you.


Yay! I am so excited to try this. I don't mind making pancakes from scratch for my daughter, but I am super excited to have a mix that I can trust! Thanks!!!
Allergic Girl® said…
yay you, let me know what you think!
Kelly said…
I really like Cherrybrook mixes..have you tried their muffins yet? I haven't because our store doesn't carry anything other than cake mix. I would love for Cherrybrook to go into more mainstream stores...
allergenius said…
Uh, yum. Now I have to see if I can wrangle the coop into "trial-ing" these.

Anonymous said…
FYI, there's soy in the chocolate chips. A great way around that: I make the regular pancacke mix with Enjoy Life chocolate chips, which are soy-free.


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