Hersheypark Offers Allergen-Conscious Foods

I spoke with Hersheypark about this press release and will be posting those results soon, stay tuned.

Hersheypark Offers Allergen-Conscious Foods

(Hershey, Pa.) – The 2009 National Restaurant Association Chef Survey indicates that allergen-conscious and gluten-free foods are among the biggest culinary trends in 2009. Those survey results come as no surprise to Kevin O’Brien, the director of food and beverage for Hersheypark.

Hersheypark began to offer allergen-conscious and gluten-free menu options in response to the growing number of people – especially children – who have food allergies. Our Park is a very family-friendly destination, and we want to offer menu items that all our guests can enjoy,” said O’Brien. “We continue to receive positive guest feedback for our efforts.”

Hersheypark offers gluten-free wraps, chicken tenders, pizza crust and sandwich rolls. Dessert lovers can indulge with gluten-free brownies and allergen-conscious caramel corn and cookies. In addition, the Waterfront Creamery inside the Park is dedicated to being entirely peanut-free.

For additional information on Hersheypark or a list of Park locations serving allergen conscious or gluten-free menu items, please call 717-534-3900 or visit Hersheypark.


Unknown said…
Very interesting. Can't wait to hear more! And thank you in advance!
Unknown said…
I visited Hersheypark last month and ate a gluten free cheeseburger. Instead of grabbing a burger from the heated case you must order the GF burger from an employee. She told me it would be four or five minutes until it would be ready. The roll was decent. It wasn't the most amazing thing I've ever eaten but it was nice to eat a burger with everyone else at the Park and I think the gf burger was the same price as the other burgers!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks ladies. more to come next week (as soon as i transcribe the meeting).
Jenny said…
This is great news..we've been planning a trip there since my husband grew up in Hershey! How wonderful that they make these accomodations for the food-allergic and kind of surprising, too. Thanks!
Unknown said…
I just did a tour of 5 California parks with an Food allergic child. A quick run-down:

- Disney=very good. Made safe food. Wasn't very good (tasty) though.
- Universal= didn't try, Brought our own food so it didn't matter
- Seaworld= wouldn't allow us to bring in food. Not supportive while there. Almost nothing for our child to eat in the entire park.
- Legoland=Awesome!!! Very responsive and a clear allergy policy.
- San Diego Zoo= Brought our own food so we didn't really try them out.

I hope this helps.

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