Interview with Hersheypark

Last week, I passed along the press release from Hersheypark. I also had a brief conversation with Tony Tinsley, one of the Concessions Area Managers of Hersheypark part of the Hershey Entertainment Complex about what exactly they offer, allergen-friendly food-wise.

Some of the companies with whom they have subcontracted to create allergy-friendly offerings include Divvies, Turkey Hill and French Meadow Bakery. However, there is a very handy ingredients link on the Hersheypark home website the lists everything that they offer onsite.


Through, asked some excellent questions that I asked Tony.

BAS: Is it safe to do the choc/candy making tour?

Tony: Hershey chocolate world is run by Hershey Foods which is different than Hershey Entertainment which runs the park. Their website is:

BAS: Do they still pass out candy at rides/throughout park (worried contam on rides)?

Tony: Due to peanut allergies, they’ve stopped giving out any candy after any ride.

BAS: What are their restaurant guidelines for allergies-do they have a binder with ingredients etc.?

Tony: We have done this for a couple of years. Each of Hersheypark restaurant locations do; however, any outside vendor may not, check on line to verify any information.


Tony said the expanded offerings came about because of requests from Hersheypark guests. If you are planning on visiting Hersheypark, it is recommended that you email ahead of time so they can ensure the safest visit possible. The allergen email address is staffed by eight full-time customer service team members, so even if you email from on-site at Hersheypark, someone should be able to respond quickly. Here’s the email address:


Thank you Tony and Hersheypark for taking the time to give us some insights into your wonderful program.

For additional information on Hersheypark or a list of Park locations serving allergen conscious or gluten-free menu items, please call 717-534-3900 or visit Hersheypark


Becky said…
I love Hershey for their efforts to keep people with allergies safe. I love that Hersheypark is making it safer for these kids to be there.

However, we visited the factory recently and did the trolley tour that visits different places around town and teaches you about the life of Mr. Hershey and they passed out two different kinds of candy kisses and also Reese's peanut butter cups. This was difficult for me as I watched everyone on the trolley take a peanut candy, unwrap it and eat it while my seven year old was sitting next to me hoping he would be okay. He was fine, but it was an anxiety-filled situation for me.

I understand that Hersheypark and Hershey are different, but maybe they can look at this policy together so that the trolley ride is safe as well.

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