Chef Rachel Klein, Seaport Boston Hotel

Former executive chef at Om Restaurant in Harvard Square (Boston MA) and now Executive Chef at Seaport Boston Hotel, Chef Rachel Klein is an allergic girl’s girl (and a native Park Sloper to boot, go BK!). She has peanut allergies as well as other food sensitivities and runs a huge kitchen and staff with an eye to making it as safe as possible. A fan of Ming Tsai and his work to enact new food allergy laws in Massachusetts, she’s strives to emulate that level of allergy understanding among her staff of cooks, servers, managers and staff.

Her big tip for how an allergic diner should approach dining out?

Give the resto a couple of days notice of your needs, and with that they can better serve you.

Chef Rachel says as a chef she wants to make an experience for diners with special requests or dietary needs (not just a plate of steamed veggies for a vegan, for example). Dietary requests, or even limitations, forces her to be more creative and she sees it not as a burden but as a culinary challenge.

Here's the light lunch she made for me today with no notice.

Go Chef Rachel!


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