Bar Breton, NYC

UPDATE: 2012. Bar Breton is closed.

I had originally heard about Bar Breton and their buckwheat galettes reading a Twitter conversation between Celiac Chick and the Chef/Owner Cyril Reynaud. Here’s the resultant post from Celiac Chick Kelly. She personally shepherded Bar Breton through the process of making sure their kitchen was gluten-free. Thanks Kel!

I went for a girl's night out with restaurant publicist Shari (who had worked with Chef before), Catherine of A Gluten-Free Guide and gluten-free friend Danielle.

I called ahead of our reservation, did my allergic girl thing and they took copious notes. The moment I walked in the door the host (and possibly manager) took care of us personally. I identified myself to the waiter, and didn’t even have time to ask for the manager because the Chef immediately came over to hear my particular needs and walk me through the menu. Separate fryer for gluten-free items? Check. Separate crepe pan for nutella galettes? Check. He was warm and welcoming. He checked in with us after the meal. My food was safe and delicious. They did everything right.

I need to go back a few more times at different times of the day before they can go on my AGRecs list but it was a great start.

Thank you Chef Cyril and your Bar Breton team for being attentive, hospitable and serving some delicious allergen-friendly food.

Bar Breton
254 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001-6406
(212) 213-4999


Anonymous said…
You don't have to post this comment at all - I just wanted to say that it's Bar BRETON (like Brittany, as befits the buckwheat crepes!)
Allergic Girl® said…
hhahah i knew that thanks for correx!

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