Food Allergies for Dummies, Wood

Food Allergies for Dummies is an indispensable guide for those newly diagnosed with food allergies written by top food allergy doctor, Robert Wood, MD, who has peanut allergies.

Dear friend Aimee's two-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with a peanut allergy after an accidental ingestion. It was when grandpa was taking care of the kids. (Isn't that often the way?) Food Allergies for Dummies was the first book I sent Aimee and it immediately answered many of the questions her allergist did not (and probably could not) address.

For example: "How am I going to take my PA daughter on a flight?"

I told her about all the published research I had read, and all of the flights I had taken with food allergies (and no problems) and then we turned to page 198 Dr. Robert Wood says: “In most cases, peanuts of flights does not post a significant risk. I fly often, frequently on international flights, and I’ve never had an in-flight reaction...I’ve personally flown hundreds of times without any difficulty, and I have a very severe peanut allergy.”

She said she instantly felt calmer. She has returned to the book again and again (as well as become a de facto/pro bono food allergy coaching client) to get a quick answer to a question, or before she sees the allergist to get more in-depth answers.

Food Allergies for Dummies is an excellent reference book to have on hand, if you are newly diagnosed or even someone who’s had food allergies forever like me. Family and friends often need more education about what it is that you’re going through. Food Allergies for Dummies can be a primer for them or for you when they have questions that you can’t answer.

I can’t say enough about Food Allergies for Dummies; it should be in every FA person's library as a reference.


Do you have other books that are on your quick reference list? Do tell!


Jane Anne said…
This is a great book. It's perfect for the newly diagnosed but it is also wonderful as a reference for those that have been dealing with allergies for a while. I recently got my copy out and flipped through the pages, knowingly nodding at some points and enjoying reminders that I needed.

Great review!
Allergic Girl® said…
it really is helpful and digestible. thanks for the comment!

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