Fried Rice, New York Times

Fried Rice, Dressed Simply by the Bitt-man:

"Having written cookbooks with the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten (along with being his friend) for more than 15 years, I’ve seen him develop a fair number of stunning recipes. My favorites have always been the simple ones, those that came from his Alsatian background or his years working and traveling in Asia. And I was never more impressed than when he created his version of fried rice, topped with crisp ginger and a fried egg."

My dad makes his own version of this when I visit him. My Filipina friend Casey tells me they make a version of this back home, in Manila : garlic rice or sinangag. Rice, garlic, oil and an egg. My version is gluten-free (no soy sauce for this wheat-free gal) and so good I don’t know why I’m not eating it every morning. Probably because I'm still on a scrambled egg and corn tortilla kick, kinda Mexican inspired. This one will be next, kinda Asian-ish. So simple and so delish. OK I'll stop now.


Lucia Hawley said…
What about wheat-free tamari sauce? I'm wheat-free (and trying to be refined sugar-free!) and San-j tamari sauce carries a wheat-free version, and I cannot taste a difference. Wait. You are low-soy? That could be it. Regardless, would love to hear your opinion!

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