Brooklyn Allergy Mom, “My Cake”

A good book must be launched with an equally good cake.

On the day of my book’s publication, I had an intimate gathering of friends and family and I needed a cake for the occasion. But where to get one? I could always buy a regular cake for my guests and bring some nice safe dessert for myself but frankly I wanted My Cake: chocolate cake with white icing that would be completely safe for me. Here, in New York City, wondrous city that it is, there are no bakeries yet that do gluten-free and tree-nut free. I also had vegan guests and Kosher guests to feed. Tall order.

But I did have a friend who stepped up the challenge. Heidi aka Brooklyn Allergy Mom who also directed my book trailer. A food allergy mom to a child with 30 anaphylactic food allergies and both she and her husband also have food allergies, different from each other’s and their daughter’s. I've dined at her home many times, and she's baked treats for me on numerous occasions; I completely trust her to handle my food allergy needs safely.

So, for my party Heidi made me this glorious and I do mean glorious cake, which she documented here and is pictured above.

And then she went one step further; it was the next logical step, really. She created a catering business so she can now do this for you, too. It’s called My Cake. Here’s the site and more information.

If you read my Twitter feeds you’ll see she’s been creating cookies and cakes all spring -ahem - and I’ve been a major taster. Her latest is an allergen-free chocolate mint whoopie pie. No, I’m not kidding. And they are beyond.

If you have questions about My Cake, the My Cake kitchen, My Cake's ingredients *and I hope you do* here is the My Cake FAQ. You contact Heidi through her site:

Happy My Cake eating!

***Please note: This is not an endorsement as I am not in the My Cake kitchen. However, I have had no food allergy or food intolerant issues with any of their products.***


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