Food Allergy, Restaurant Week NYC 2011

UPDATE: Link to the Maialino & NY1 spot is here.

For the last twenty years, New York City has had a "Restaurant Week" wherein many of the city’s top restaurants offer limited menus for lunch and dinner at a fraction of the normal cost (like three courses for the price of a normal entrĂ©e). (We actually have it about four times a year and they run for up to two weeks, such a successful promotion for restaurants and foodie happiness for patrons.)

For most of these years I did not partake. Why? Food allergies. A limited menu rarely meant something was easily food allergy friendly for this fish and nut allergic girl; and twenty years ago, awareness about dietary restrictions, even here in NYC, was virtually nil; and, well, I wasn’t nearly as confident about my food allergies then.

What changed?

An increase in real and documented food allergies in the United States.

Awareness and education in the foodservice industry about food allergies and dietary restrictions.

And I created a protocol about dining out safely that works (there’s more about that in Allergic Girl, natch)

So this summer, I am so hitting restaurant week and you can, too. Specifically I’m heading back to Maialino and also 21 Club, two faves. But if I had more time in my schedule, I’d also hit up Rouge Tomate and Craftbar. All are food allergy friendly in my experience.

Just remember your food allergy protocol (I outline my basic steps here) the basics of which are: bring your medication with you; communicate our needs early and often and don’t take any risks if you are uncertain.


You can watch me talking about food allergies and restaurant week on NY1 here in NYC this week. (Link here).

Here's a picture of NY1 reporter Kafi Drexel, Executive Chef Nick Anderer and me after shooting. We're enjoying some items from the Restaurant Week 2011 menu. I'm having Bombolotti all' Amatricianna (spicy tomato sauce with Guanicale) with corn-based gluten-free pasta - beyond good!

Updated Approximate NY1 Health & Fitness Air Times :
MONDAYS: 1:23AM, 2:23AM, 3:23AM, 6:23AM, 7:54AM, 10:54AM, 1:54PM, 3:54PM, 6:24PM
TUESDAYS: 6:53AM, 7:53AM, 11:53AM, 2:53PM, 5:53PM, 9:53PM, 10:23PM
WEDNESDAYS: 6:23AM, 7:53AM, 10:53AM, 2:53PM, 4:53PM
SUNDAYS: 7:53AM, 12:53PM, 4:53PM, 7:23PM, 8:23PM, 10:23PM


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