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So yes, I dine out often – I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. Most often it’s not only food allergy safe but big fun – I’m sure you’ve noticed that, too. New York City is a dining-out heavy town and I’m probably (read: most definitely) spoiled by both growing up here, dining out since I was little and just the sheer choice available. There are up to 25,000 restaurants open in NYC at ay given time (that’s over five boroughs), in all different price points. A lot of choice. However, if you look closer at my recommendations and where I have the safest and most consistently hospitable experience, you will notice a pattern. I go to restaurants within groups, restaurant groups that is.

Some of them are:

Union Square Hospitality Group – Danny Meyer restaurateur
Craft restaurants - Tom Colicchio restaurateur
BRGuest Hospitality – Steve Hanson restaurateur
McNally Group - Keith McNally restaurateur
Tour de France - Simon Oren, restaurateur
Patina Group

My experience is when one outpost is excellent with food allergies it’s because management understand their severity and is committed to serving all of the guests in a safe manner. So, then when I try, say, the downscale version of the upscale resto, that food allergy training is in place because it comes from the top down. Take Union Square Hospitality Group, whether Maialino (upscale) or Shake Shack (fast casual), the experience for me has been consistently hospitable and safe. These are places I like and place that I can recommend.

**If you are coming to NYC this summer, check out my resto listings here at Allergic Girl Recommends.**

How does this translate to you at home? It’s about expanding your options: always be expanding. The next time you dine out food allergy safely and well in your hometown, find out who owns the restaurant and, ask if the owner has any more outposts. Do your food allergy protocol, and the try the new outpost; see what happens.


Poker Chick said…
couldn't agree more! We have had good experiences at BR guest restaurants and will feel safe at a new one if we know it's that management. Danny meyer is good too (had a great experience at shake shack) and we've found Mario Batali (Otto) was VERY good too.

There are so many great restaurants in NY it can be overwhelming, knowing a group makes it easier in a way.

Great point!

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