Birthday Cake, Allergen-Free

Oy! This is how crazy things have been I didn’t even get a chance to blog about my spectacular birthday cake back in mid-November! Until now, that is. 

This cake was the same cake I had for my book launch party: chocolate with white icing.  It was so wonderful and so well-received by all diners, that I wanted it all over again.

The cake is: vegan, gluten-free and top eight allergen-free. Yes, really. And wonderful.
The baking master that whipped up this baby for me (and she’ll make on for you too) is Heidi Bayer. Here’s her website for more baking info: Brooklyn Allergy Mom Bakes My Cake.

Enjoy Life Foods, makers treats that are top eight allergen-free, graciously donated a few bags of their Mega Chunks, which made this cake extra-extra wonderfully chocolate. Thank you Enjoy Life, for the choco-love!

And this is the only picture I have of the cake including its baker. We all dove in so quickly that there were no time for pictures.

Thanks again, Team!


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